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Our experts provide management consulting and direction for individuals and businesses seeking to streamline operations in order to build and execute business strategies that create opportunities and profits. Find out more about each individual team member below.



Lana Fuchs


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As the CEO of Fuchs Global, Lana Fuchs is dedicated to providing her clients with systems, technology, and applications that offer quantifiable results with practical strategic solutions for motivating employees and capitalizing on their talents, in order to maximize profits. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business marketplace, a company’s growth and optimal success is dependent on its ability to continually refine its infrastructure and to properly manage the talent of its employees and strategic partners. Fuchs Global creates solutions and provides services to assist in optimizing human performance, talents, productivity, and potential, thereby achieving extraordinary results.

Lana Fuchs earned a B.A. from Chapman University and Master Trainer degree from The Y.O.U. Institute,a curriculum approved by California State Board of Behavioral Sciences and the International Coach Federation. The ULT® is an evolutionary Human Assessment instrument that enables professionals to identify personal potential, tolerance, perceptivity, motivations, behavioral strength and weaknesses. After completing her education, she established a successful career in corporate America, and then went on to create several successful companies in the field of fashion, management and health. Lana is an entrepreneur, TV personality, author and business advisor who specializes in helping businesses maximize their profits by utilizing the talents of their employees and strategic partners in the most effective and efficient manner, while positively impacting the world around them. Combining the leading advanced cutting edge human assessment technology along with her entrepreneurial skills and business experience, Lana gets results quickly and consistently.


Tracey Smith

VP of Business Development

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As the Vice President of Business Development of Fuchs Global, Tracey Smith is the driving force in the development of strategic partnerships and alliances. Tracey spearheads and manages various business initiatives and oversees the overall customer experience. Her experience on the international business scene provides our clients with a global approach to marketing, branding, and sales. 

Tracey Smith is a Y.O.U Advanced Human Assessment Technology Certified Professional. The ULT® is an evolutionary Human Assessment instrument that enables professionals to identify personal potential, tolerance, perceptivity, motivations, behavioral strength and weaknesses. Prior to completing her Y.O.U. training, she earned a B.S.from Virginia State University. 

Tracey followed her passion for people to the music business and became a member of the executive team at Def Jam Records, where she oversaw numerous departments including production, new media, sales, international marketing, creative services, and A & R. Tracey has become a trusted visionary in the music business and earned a reputation for being tenacious in her pursuit for excellence and insisting on exemplary results for her clients. She is selfless in her approach to helping clients achieve their vision for success through marketing, sales, and promotions.  From this experience, she garnered a strong work ethic, dedication, persistence, and passion for working with people from all walks of life.

Tracey is the Community Outreach Director for Emerald Dream Foundation and 1ARK Angels = "One Act Of Random Kindness" can change the world. Tracey believes there is nothing more rewarding than giving back and making a difference in the lives of people all over the world.


Celeste Bronshteyn

Operations Director

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As Operations Director, Celeste drives and implements all corporate and growth marketing activities to ensure on-brand positioning and awareness of the Fuchs Global brand across all aspects of the marketing mix. She is responsible for building the digital marketing discipline that elevates the brands and provides visibility for sales, including a content marketing strategy, maintaining the corporate websites, implementing a comprehensive SEO/SEM strategy, newsletter creation, lead generation, and driving ROI through marketing analytics programs.

Celeste is crucial in developing and maintaining a strategic market segmentation that identifies key customers and behaviors and creates actionable profiles that are leveraged to improve the accuracy of marketing initiatives.

With 12+ years of progressive marketing and growth marketing experience, she brings expertise from a variety of industries. She has worked with global clients like Diageo, Helix Electric, Gallo Wineries & G3, Valvoline, as well as other brands, enabling emerging consumer products into the shelves of big box stores like Walmart, Costco, & Sam’s Club.

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